l recently installed Ubuntu 12 and on first start on Firefox everytime l type google.com on the address bar l am redireted to some funny websites.
The websites seem random and this only happens when l type google.com if l type for example daniweb.com it works fine.

l am new to Ubuntu can some one assist.

Thank you

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Could you be a bit more specific please, what website does it go to? Are you able to Ping Google Servers, try running a traceroute?

I also recommend installing something called ClamAV, which is an Anti-Virus tool. Run freshclam from the terminal and then clamscan -r / to run an anti-virus check, this should report any problems. Be warned though, as this is scanning the entire computer so may be resource intensive.

Are you sure it is your computer, and not an issue with the router, maybe someone is playing a prank on you and re-directing your traffic through a proxy?

Thank you for the reply. l am sure it is my computer because l have 2 machines connected to the same router the other machine works fine.

l have also tried conneting the computer to a differnt router same problem

Also the same laptop is running Windows 7 with no such issues.

Another thing l have just noticed is it only happens when l type google.com if l type www.google.com the redirection does not occur.

And this is only happening on FireFox l have installed Chrome works with no issues.

Please note it is rdirecting to random websites one of them is newsonlineweekly.com

Did any toolbars come preinstalled? Sometimes they hijack your search, and pull funny redirections.

There is the ubuntu toolbar but l tried to run FF in safe mode still same problem

is google the default search engine? Sometimes an avdertise supported app can also hijank your browser. Perhaps those in the Ubuntu forums would have a better idea.

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