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I would like to install some version of Ubuntu or Xbuntu on an old Gateway 466C desktop. New hard drive with intel celeron, 466mhz, 512mb ram, cd-Rom. Forget burning to a DVD. What is the best version that will install on this computer an work? Is this computer too old for Linux?

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Any particular reason why you want Ubuntu? For a 512mb system you will want a lighter weight distribution I think, although xubuntu might suffice, running the XFCE window manager, which is less resource instensive than kde or gnome. In any case, 9.04 was the last (in my opinion) decent Ubuntu distribution.

Depends what you want to do with it. Want to run a headless server with DNS/DHCP and some web services? No problem.

For a desktop GUI, try Mint 13 Cinnamon. Forums state people have it running on low end hardware, albeit some apps are slow, most runs okay.

BEst thing to do is just to try it out. If it's a blank HD, DL the ISO, burn to a USB, install it and try it.

Debian Net Install

You will need to keep the packages to a bare minimum. The above link downloads an install disc that fits on a wallet cd or a regular cd. During install you will be asked what packages to add, i.e: web server, ftp, dns, dhcp, GUI Desktop Environment, and so on. Slow method to install, but it keeps the disk usage way down... & since so much is installed from source, specific to your system, it is stable to run on any hardware. For your system, the version for "i-386" will do fine.

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