I'm not sure if this is a right forum to ask this question!

There is a dillema about a certain video.flv uploaded on internet, that's whether the video was taken by a camera or made by some software. I would like to know how can I extract metadata from it under Ubuntu Linux which I think will help to reveal the secret. Any other advice?



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Like this? Are you looking for a standalone tool, or do you mind writing a little code?

Hi gusano79.

Anyhow,but I think standalone tool would make things easier!

For the PHP thing I linked, you'll need to install PHP, download the source (all of it), and run php test2.php from the shell. Note you'll have to change this line: define('FILENAME', 'test.flv'); to reflect your filename.

Not the prettiest, but I couldn't really find anything nicer. Perhaps your Google-fu is stronger than mine.

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