I've been using Linux for about half a year now but I'm definitely not taking full advantage of it as my knowledge regarding it is weak.

I've seen some recommendations for the book "Unix Programming Environment by PIKE ROB KERNIGHAN BRIAN W. (1984)"
but I can't help wondering if such an old book would hold much relevance nowadays.

Is there anyone here who has read it that can give me some insight?


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While Linux is not Unix, it is a Posix-compliant operating system, so most of what you learn about Unix is relevant. I have used both Unix and Linux (and related systems such as QNX) for many years. This is a good book - probably worth getting for general background information and knowledge. Kernighan was one of the original Unix developers at Bell Labs, and he was, with Dennis Ritchie, the author of the C language, still at the heart of most operating system development, especially Linux.

Thanks rubberman. I'll give it a look then.

Unix Unleashed: Internet Edition is an excellent book and was the first one that came to my mind when you mentioned your experience. It also canes with a Disc that provides a PDF version of said book as well as an additional book called the Administrators Edition.

Check out the reviews for it. :-)

iam a beginer in programming and i want to major in network programming what advice can you give me, about network programming?

Mungo, please do not hijack the threads of others. Start your own. Do that and I'll be happy to give you some advice.

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