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Occasionally, I like to try out new linux OS's on virtual box.

At the moment I've kind of converged with a version of Ubuntu downgraded to XFCE with a custom icon set. It looks nice and is super fast too.

But I've just stumbled across

It looks really nice I'm downloading the iso now and I'm going to try a quick test on virtual box.

Has anyone used it?

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I have never used it, but it look clean and smooth distro. I can compare to ubuntu, as they both are meant to be simple and user-friendly and I will pick this over ubuntu any day (though I am now stuck with ubuntu and too lazy to move to anything else)

I really like their own developed apps.

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Overall not bad... Well I like the UI.

Midori (web browser crashed a few times) and it seemed sluggish. I gave it 2GB ram on the virtual box.

Probably is customizable but seems they crippled it or made it difficult as they seem keen on selling it as a 'user friendly' system.

Something linux has always seemed to lack.

Didn't get a chance to test all the developer apps...

I just installed it on my old laptop (which had Fedora 19 on it, which has sort of died due to bugs and other issues). I like it so far. That laptop is old (6 years) and I don't use it for any heavy work (I use it as kind of "house laptop", kinda like you would use a tablet), so this OS seems like a perfect fit for that. So far, it's nice, it's like a stripped down version of Ubuntu. Most of the software is the same, but the desktop environment is simpler, more Mac-like, and much faster (on that old laptop, I tried Ubuntu before, but Unity was just way too heavy to run on it).

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I actually, bothered to install this onto an actual machine rather than virtual box just now...

And wow, am I blown away with the OS!! Okay so it's kinda a rip off of Mac Os X but Jesus is this sexy and fast!

Everything worked out of the box... I thought I'd have an issue with the mobile dongle, but no, worked fine.

I downloaded chrome from the local repo. Yep no issues whatsoever.
I'm downloading the restricted codecs to play my dvds. No issue.

Downloaded sublime for my dev, works perfectly!

virtual box... works flawlessly.

Blender, works flawlessly... Downloaded lamp, again working flawlessly.

Apart from the no right-click on the desktop and no minimize buttons it totally rocks my boat. And I'm actually liking, how you can set hot corners.

This is definitely going to be THE linux os of the future. No question about. So it rocks for just the regular home user and for serious developers!

I have used it nw n its an awsm distro... eva..

This is definitely going to be THE linux os of the future. No question about.

Not meaning to be cynical, negative or anything, but a lot of people have said that about a lot of distros :)
I like the look of sexy distros, I see the beauty there, but personally, I find it shallow if incredible looks is high on the priority list. I agree that a distro can't look like crap, or it'll be difficult to use, but I can appreciate beauty in distros which aren't groundbreakingly stunning.

But hey, that's just me :)

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