Have downloaded and burned TAILS both as a DVD and a booting USB stick. Other than a marked sluggishness while 'setting the local time,' the system provides both PC look-alike and built-in TOR browser (anomymity.)
I am curious to read what other user's experiences have been with this system - I am planning to take it in my upcoming Italy & Spain tour. Would it be hard to use on cybercafes? (Not taking a laptop.)

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Sorry, but I'm not familiar with this distribution. Taking a bootable USB stick is not a bad idea. It should work fine in foreign internet cafes, but until you try you won't know for sure. Before you boot the thumb drive, do check with the cafe proprietors as to whether they can let you do this. There may be local/national regulations that will put them in legal hot water.

FWIW, I have used Unetbootin generated thumb drive Linux distributions in Internet cafes in Mexico without problem - and I DID ask if it was ok to do so! :-)

Aside note: when you go to an internet cafe here in Italy, bring an ID document with you: the operator has to register each user, this is requested by our legislation. For this reason, you cannot use your own laptop, nor your usb distribution: because in these cases the user has the power to fake the mac address, can scan the lan... and can make it difficult to identify the author of an illegal action.

There are exceptions: if you use the free wifi access point of a business, whose primary activity is not the provision of internet access (as a restaurant, an airport, a train), then the admins are not obliged to request your documents. But in this case you need a laptop.


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