i need to implement and test any of the distributed algorithms in two linux running systems above which runs the UDP protocol. how can i proceed with this? What programming language will be easier to implement? i have done C,C++ and a little of java programming in the past.

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You are going to have to be more specific. What are you trying to test, exactly?

If all you want to do is write some socket code then there are plenty of libraries wrapped around the interface to that. If you are familiar with C++ google for C++ network wrapper and pick what you like.

If what you are testing is not well-suited to C++, however, you will need to chose the language most geared to your domain.

Just use Boost.Asio (C++).

Or, just use the POSIX functions in C / C++. It's not hard to do some UDP communication, a few lines of code, no more, and it's very intuitive. See this tutorial.

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