Hi all,

So here's some background information on what we are trying to setup. We have two data centers over 40km apart and one of them runs the webserver (over 80 websites) and we use another machine on the other side to keep backups (typical cpanel backups).
So I have already looked at setting up a failover system (Active/Passive) for the web server using a clustered system running pacemaker and drbd in a test environment and it works fine. Now a team member introduced the CDN concept and we have been looking at having an Active/Active (Using pacemaker, drbd and GFS2 filesystem) setup so that the CDN can load balance the traffic on the two sites and also have the content available incase we lose one data center.
I would like to get your thoughts on this and especially on which setup would be the best for our scenario. Should we just go for the failover system (Active/Passive) or use the CDN. Most of the websites we host are university websites and therefore have significant traffic.


I would suggest that you go with one of the established CDN services. Why rebuild teh network when they have one already. Edgecast and Amazon are just a couple of companies offering CDN networks. Try this Wiki article for more information: