how can we install linux software

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Either you purchase an installation or live CD/DVD disc set, or download an installation or live CD/DVD set of ISO images to burn to CDs or DVDs, boot that, and install the system. Most distributions have means to purchase installation media (DVD usually) online if you don't want to burn your own media. Myself, I usually burn my own from downloaded ISO images. It costs me about 50c (in US $$) plus the download time. A 4GB image will take me about 2 hours at 5mbps download speed. If your internet connection is slow or data capped, then purchasing the media may be a better option for you.

Or you could download an ISO image(for free for all linux distros) and burn it to a usb stick, known as bootable usb stick. Ubuntu has a full, detailed guide on how to make a bootable usb stick with ubuntu(should be the same for other distributions)

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