I just built my first computer and instlled headless on it. When I boot it up there are a few problems on the black and white screen with all the BS. It usually starts but it takes forever. All the parts are right out of the box via amazon and the OS is on an SSD. It takes the longest when it gets to this -> [#######] eth0: no IPv6 routers present

Where shouold I be looking for the log file at that would give me an idea as to whats going on? I'm assuming it's in /var/? but I'm not exactly sure where.

Thanks to any and all replies.

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sudo nano /var/log/boot.log
sudo nano /var/log/dmesg

First line is log for boot and dmesg is supposedly Ring 0 log, or you could just dmesg | less in case when you have access to command line, working command line.

Sounds to me like it may be trying to dhcp an addresson eth0 and waiting to timeout...

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