I just bought a fresh dedicated server. I did not go for any administration panel like cPanel/Plesk.

Operating System: FC4
Server Specifications: Intel(R) P4(R) CPU 2.40GHz 1024RAM

MAIN IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX <-- Use this to connect to your server via SSH or web.
Initial IP address allocation: YYY.YYY.YYY.YYY

I have masked the IP addresses above.

I want to host a domain on it. The system contains the default fedora core 4 install as of now. I will be installing/configuring the Apache/PHP4/MySQL4/Java(JDK1.5)/Tomcat5. I understand I will also have to install/configure a DNS server/Mail server etc.

Could you please guide me how to go about setting things up. What are the best practices? Which all tools you recommend? Is there any free alternative to cPanel/Plesk? Not being as powerful as them is fine, but it should help reduce my load.
I will have to setup a few users/ their emails and give them some quotas.

Thanks and Regards,