I'm running Linux Mint (Ubuntu) and have recently installed KeePassX to keep track of my passwords.
But I can't make it work with Firefox....

I have made an entry with the following information:

Title: <title from the webpage>
Username: <e-mail used when logging in>
URL: <URL pointing to the page with the login form>
Password: <password>
Repeat: <the same password once again>

Auto-Type-Window: <Windows title>

I have started the KeePassX application and logged in using the master password I have created for the database.
When I open Firefox and access the login page nothing happens.

(KeePassX is NOT compatible with KeeFox so I have removed that plugin from the Firefox plugins..)

Do I need to reset/disable the password database in Firefox ?
If so: How do I do that ?

Thanx for any help!

Obsolete. I'm using KeePass2 instead.. :-)

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