My apologiess if this is the wrong board but I wasnt sure where shell stuff should go but my server is a Linux one so...


screen -S minecraft
screen -X
cd ./public_html/mcmyadmin/
mono McMyAdmin.exe -nostart

I'm using the above code to auto atart a game server on my VPS's reboot. Well, the screen starts but then nothing else happens, if I close the screen out I see that -X run but says there's nothing to attach to and then the rest of the stuff runs. It seems the other commands aren't being sent to the screen after the intial screen start command is sent. Can anyone help me figure out why ?

If was also suggested I not use a CD but instead use a full path for the file, not sure what the person meant who told me that. Unless the mean do away with the CD line and maybe do something like mono /fullpath/McMyAdmin.exe -nostart.

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Perhaps try starting screen in detached mode. Something like:

$ screen -d -m minecraft
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