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Hi Guys,

I'm currently stuck at the moment. Just a bit of background.

I have installed elementary os freya, I have an nvidia GTX 750 graphics cards, which is quite new, I believe it is a haswell chip.

I have following the instructions successfully here:

But the error message says something about the kernel not being supported. I'm guessing this is because the 750 card is very new and is only supported on the latest kernel.

Would it be worth upgrading to the latest kernel? I don't really want to install the latest version of ubuntu. Ubunut sucks.

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which drivers do you have listed under "Drivers" ?

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None, when I run the nvidia install it fails and says something like the kernel isn't supported so I'm assuming I need to update the kernel?

what do you get when you run uname -r?

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I'll have to wait till I get home, at work ATM. Thanks for the help.

First, the default nVidia driver is the Nouveau driver (open source - ok but not great for high-performance video). Next, to install the proprietary driver that you download from nVidia, you need to blacklist the Nouveau driver, reset the system to boot into text mode (/etc/inittab). Then, boot into text mode, install the proprietary driver (it is a script that will do all the right things), set the system back to GUI boot, and reboot.

You also want to be sure you have DKMS installed first so the next time the system updates the kernel, the nVidia driver will be rebuilt as necessary without your intervention.

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This is the output of uname:


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Another with ubuntu fail, when I run the nvidia installer it says there were errors. The screen resolution looks better but clearly the drivers are not installed back to the drawing board.

yeah it's not something with the kernel I would think, if you were to upgrade it, theres a newer version 3.18 but shouldn't make much difference .. what drivers do you get as option under the "Drivers" option in system settings?
I've had similiar issues on my home pc with elementary os Luna( was awhile back) but i just selected the newest one that was available in that "drivers" window and worked out of the box ..

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Not sure, remember I'm using the brand spanking new GTX 750 nvidia range which has the new maxwell architecture, so I guess this is why getting this to work is doubly difficult.

Shame it worked with windowsxp and the default driver CD install.

Well, I may look at this over the weekend, but we shall see if I've got time.

I was just reading in Phoronix an article about these new devices, and that they are definitely NOT Nouveau friendly! You will need to blacklist the Nouveau driver, and install the proprietary driver that you can download from nVidia to get these new Maxwell cards to work well. DO NOT bother with the drivers in the system package manager. Get the latest stable driver directly from nVidia.

Download and install the recommended driver, and blacklist nouveau, as rubberman said. And, also as rubberman said, do not bother with the drivers suggested by the package manager (aka "additional drivers").

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