Hi guys!
recently i decided add more Ip on my dedicate server, like i don't want to host multiple websites in some IP.
But the big deal is my main IP is


is working parfect.
And my subnets ip are different network, like


Some to is working if i add new interface something like eth0:1 etc.
But when i Bridge the network, getting one of ip of submet like Gateway my vms cant reach the internet.

The situation i have is omething like this.


eth0--------------->br0-------------vm1,--------- vm2,vm32
44.xx.xx.xx         88.xx.xx.63       88.xx.xx.49 --etc
Main IP             Last ip of subnet | fisrt IP sub

All this network is working comunicate each and other, but i cant comunicate outside of network.
I tryed with iptables, turning off, forwarding but nothing i get success.
NB: I'm using Centos 6.6
Can i've result from you guys.

This is solved! by my self!
if any one have some question please contact me i'll share how i've done!

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