Hi I just want to ask why does the game not work in my firefox browser not working. I can only see a gray area. It's in playr.org

My linux distro is ubuntu 14.10 by the way.

Sorry I can't place an image here.

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If you are running 64-bit firefox, you need the 64-bit flash player, and vice versa with 32-bit versions. I don't have any problem with flash on my system running 64-bit Firefox 38.0. I am running the flash-plugin.x86_64 v. (latest from Adobe for RHEL 6.x systems).

Hi rubberman, I was able to make the games work in playr.org by installing pepper flash in chromium Click Here after trying some stuff.

Glad you sorted it out. Keep in mind that there is a move to migrate to HTML5 for video playback instead of flash since it is a public standard, which flash is not.

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