I have my linux VPS with cpanel / cent OS. I want to use my server for Live TV streaming.

For this i have install Flash Media Live encoder on my PC, then i need rtmp configurations on the linux end, i install nginx to configure rtmp but failed, can anyone tell me how to configure rtmp properly???

Or anyone have a full detailed method to play live TV on my website???

Its urgent so please...

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Have you looked into either VLC or ffmpeg to do this. I have used both in the past to stream from my usb video camera, as well as from various files. Using ffmpeg is nice because it can transcode on the fly from any to about any format, so you can store just one format of a video on your server, and deliver to the user what they need, such as flv, mp4, mkv, etc.


I have installed ffmpeg on server, but how it can receive video from my cam? I think ffmpeg is only for video streaming not for live webcam streaming???

For that i use rtmp configuration with nginx on my linux server but i am failed in that method. If you know the proper method then please send me all... I will be gratefull to you.


can you guide me about full method... about linux commands which should i use to configure. Please let me know about detailed description...

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