I'm new to Linux and the first thing I did was right clicking to find refresh as always I did in windows. .... but then I was disappointed to find nothing, no refresh , but why and it just amazed me how better linux is !!!
Linux distro Kali linux 2019.2

Why Windows has this might be traced back to its roots where Microsoft was sued about Web Browsers and in response tightly integrated their browser into the OS. So the GUI shell that you see on Windows is underneath partly their browser.

You can see this effect all over Windows. Instead of right click, refresh in Windows just click on a blank spot on the Windows Desktop. Now tap F5 which is the refresh button on many browsers.

-> Linux on the other hand uses the X Window system (most distros) or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_Window_System for more detail.
The refresh might still show on some implementations but if the OS software was working right, you would not need "refresh."

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