i need to install some programs, mainly SDL_perl, for a few games. however how do i do this.
i get the tar.gz file and within is many other perl script files. the readme says this and only this.
make install
and nothing else. first off i am not a prgrammer and dont want to compile this. is there a RPM or pre compiled copy of this software?
also by typeing in 'make' i get a comman not found error

go here and search for SDL_perl, it gave me alot of hits for it so one of them mite work. sorry i dont know what could be wrong with the make command tho.

You uncompress the file...go into the directory
you type

# ./configure

this sets up the makefile... then you type

# make

this compiles it

now you need to

# su root

because you need to be root to install it

lastly...you type

# make install

this will install it for you... :P

oh...and dont type the "#" ;)