I'd like to know if there's a relatively easy way to make a bootable CD for SPARC platform.

Specifically, I want to wipe the hard drives on some servers. I've used the BCWipe program on Windows before and was pleased with it, so I thought I'd try the UNIX version. I've downloaded, compiled, and installed the program on an old SparcStation I have for projects. Works great.

Now I was thinking that I'd like to put the BCWipe executable on a bootable CD for nuking these servers. That way, I don't need to worry about having an operable Solaris installation on the system. Rather, I could just

boot cdrom

and run BCWipe directly, which would streamline things considerably.

I found this Sun Blueprint which seems to describe the process, and also another tutorial. But quite honestly, both are a bit over my head. (Although I've used Solaris a bit, this is my first foray into system administration!)

I've also tried booting from the Solaris 8 Installation CD and then swapping to a CD with BCWipe on it. I boot from the CD and say no when asked if I want to format the hard drive. This returns me to a shell prompt. I was thinking I could then

eject cdrom

and replace it with the other CD. But I just get a "no such file or directory" error message.

Any suggestions you might have are appreciated!