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Hi i am new here.

REcently i began to download a few software from the internet and must of them are in zIp files. When i try to open them, textedit open instead and it says this program cannot be run in DOS mode. I do not know how to turn it off. From what i heard there is not a DOS mode in mac, so why does this sign appear.


Welcome Roy,

Never heard of a DOS mode on a Mac either. Maybe with Windows installed? Totally ignorant of that realm.
You can use Zipeg, Stuffit Expander and The Unarchiver for free. Those are just the ones I'm aware of.
If the zipped files are Mac compatible, any one of these should open them.


Hi Dan,

My mac does not have ant windows installed on it and the files i download are not .exe but in .dmg that means they are mac. But when i try to open it, it say it can't run in Dos mode. And thanks for the software you recommend, i will try and use it. Can you please post the link to the software. Thanks very much.

REgards Roy

do you have DOSbox on your mac? but that's irrelevant to the fix.

after you download a zip file, navigate to it in finder. right click on it, select 'get info'. 2/3 of the way down it says 'open with'. select the application you want to use (assuming you have it already installed). i'd recommned clicking 'change all' as well, so you don't have to do it for individual files.

I have already tried that.Is there any other way?


i think we need some more info. what hardware/operating system are you using? what's this computer used for? what do the zip/dmg files contain (don't need specifics, but just file types and stuff like that)? the advice we've given should cover any normal situation... since it's not working, we need to find out what makes your computer different.

Hi tje210

I am using a Mac OS X and the version is 10.6.6 Snow Leopard the processor is 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo. The Macbook is use for education purposes as our school instruct every students to purchase macbook. Occasionally, i will use it to play games and go facebook. The zip files contains an free firewall software download from the internet. If there are any information, you need just tell me.


Hi santuoo7

I am the one who had a dos problem with my mac.
The file is both zip and dmg

ok, we're getting closer. what is one in particular? ill try it myself.

incidentally, are you looking for a particular firewall? or just want to try different ones out?

a different firwall. i will download a few and see which one is better and use it.

tried a few, no problems there. i would just say, back up your important stuff and reinstall snow leopard. something silly is wrong, and it'll take way more of your time trying to figure it out than to just start fresh. i would back up using carbon copy cloner, so that you can see exactly what you had before.

fyi, the firewall i use it called 'WaterRoof'... it's kind of a lower-level firewall, not very GUI but good for what i use it for.

Thanks i will try since i had given you the link to the free firewall download. Is there any firewall at the website to recommend i will try and see whether i can use it

Hi tje210

I have started a new thread. it is called web browsers. Go there and give me your point of view.



Sorry, the question I was to ask was irrelevant. I hadn't read page 2 of the answers.

Hi ilaureano

Do you face the same problem also or you know how to off dos mode?


If you know how to off dos mode please tell me quickly as most of the zip files i download say it cab't be open in dos mode.

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