Hi there - something fishy is also happening with messenger on my mac... I used it with no problems for a month or so - and suddenly it will let me sign in - I see who is online, I can change my status, and welcome message, but as soon as either I initiate chat with someone - or they initiate chat with me - it crashes, and says msn has encountered a problem and do I want to send a report to apple.

I have tried uninstalling and re-installing many times. However - the fishy part is that I can delete the application - but when it says delete preferences - it says that messenger daemon is in use - I'm not sure what daemon is?? I then go to activity monitor - force quite messenger daemon, delete the preferences folder in library, empty the trash - then go to apple and download the new msn - it says to download msn... then when I open it, says do I trust the application from the internet twice - first for messenger for mac, then for messenger daemon, anyway - say trust them both install - and am right back where I have started!



Mine is doing the same. I have tried clearing the cache and installing a different version. I don't know how to change the proxies, but I will attempt to do that now!