Hi young'uns,

I hope you don't mind chatting with "mature" lady (political correct speak for "man, she has a lot of grey hair"). I am a newbie here and feel like I'm in first grade when it comes to computers. I no longer crash my computer on a consistent basis, but a lot of the jargon is like greek to me.
I come here trying to find an answer to a question which I posted, but have not received any answer yet. Maybe I didn't put it in the right place...heck, I even forgot WHERE I posted it.
Anyway, my question is: How can I access my old MSPublishers files on my MAC? I have all these files I need and now since I got my MAC I can't access them! Frustration level-very high.
Maybe someone can answer the question or help me find a place where I can get the answer without having to read through a bunch of techo speak jargon.
For those who hear my plea,
Bless you

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Welcome to DaniWeb where several of us old fogies live. If you forget where you posted something just click on your name at the very top of the page then click on the Find All Posts link.

Since you question is about MAC software I moved your post here to Tech Talk. I can't answer you question though because I don't know diddly about MACs.

To avoid confusion, I'm going to close this thread and ask that you continue discussion in this thread (which, incidentally, is where you asked your question previously): http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread122091.html.

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