I am building an open-source game called BZFlag, you may have heard of it, but that is not important. You can get the source by running 'svn co https://bzflag.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/bzflag/trunk/bzflag/'.
I have a 10.4 intel mac and a leopard ppc mac.
I have compiled BZflag on my leopard mac.
I want to use the trunk version of 'BZFlag', which hasn't been released yet, but I can't compile it on my 10.4 mac because I don't have dev tools installed.
I am building on the command line using autogen, configure, and make, then using an Xcode project to copy all the targets and resources into a build application.

My question is: How do I make BZflag.app backwards compatible? Executing bzflag from the command line on my 10.4 mac report that I need a newer version of libcurl.4.dylib. On other 10.4 macs that compiled BZflag, with the same version of libcurl.4.dylib, could run bzflag.

I am assuming you cannot compile using the included developer tools. If I remember correctly it isn't hard to do within the tools provided. (I only have a PPC machine and haven't had to compile for intel yet).