We are running on a eMAC G4 1Ghz OS v10.2.8.

From the Diskwarrior website under Mac OS X Compatibility it states the program PlusOptimizer , "will optimize Mac OS X Extended disks while running under Mac OS 9.x." You can check for yourself here:

However, underneath that paragraph, it states, "PlusOptimizer cannot optimize any disks shared with Mac OS X while running under Classic. PlusOptimizer will not optimize UFS disks."

Does "Classic" mean booting up in OS 9? If so, then how can I use PlusOptimizer to optimize my harddrive that contains both OS X and OS 9?



"Classic" to me, implies that you are running OS X, and are running a OS 9 program in the Classic environment. Let's say I was running a good game called RISK! that was written for OS 9, and I booted into OS X. When I run RISK!, it loads up the Classic environment, and I go to war.

When loading up OS 9 by itself (just as you would have done in 1998), it is not called Classic. You are running pure OS 9.

What you are going to want to do is boot into OS 9, either by having a OS 9 partition on your hard drive, or by telling the System Preferences --> Startup Disk to boot up your "classic" folder. You will not be able to just boot the OS 9 CD-ROM, because you are going to need to access your PlusOptimizer software, and you cannot eject a CD-ROM if it has the live system on it. If you have a CD-ROM Burner, you might find it easiest to burn a startup OS 9 CD-ROM with the Optimizer program on it.

OF course, you did make your backups already, right?