What is the best web browser? :?:

I personally chose Firefox for the simple fact that if your a programmer and or a graphic designer and lets just say....your building a simple or advanced web page or site, Firefox helps you out ion the details and sometimes points out the errors. Ive experienced the diffrences between this and Internet Explorer, where it just looks like you actually didi a great job completley, but again, Firefox, if you look at your work on there, you can see what errors you have, if any.


I prefer Firefox as it is clean and efficient, and cross platform. Firefox tends to render the same across the OS's, from what I can tell. I also adore the popup blocker.


I like the feel of Opera, and just one window with multiple browsers makes switching pages fast.

I love using Firefox, I use to use it on my PC. Imagine how pleased I was to discover, I could also get it when I made the move to Mac. It's so easy to use & looks great too (that's a girly thing).
Donna :lol:

RLMAO. A girly thing?

RLMAO. A girly thing?

I meant that the looking good, part of Firefox, is an important "Girly Thing" :cheesy:

I used Opera for awhile and thought it was faster than Firefox, but I like Firefox better because there's no ads or clutter.

I wonder who voted for IE?