Ho Wcan I Install Programs Downloaded From Limelight....i Cant Do It ....after It Unstuffs And I Go To Run Setup.exe It Wants To Restuff The Download And It Goes In A Big Circle.. Im New To The Mac World So I Dont Know If I Have To Run It Through A Special Installer But I Cant Seem To Get These Files To Open And They Are There I Can See How Big The Fiule Is 70mb 14mb These Are Recording Programs....i Run Mac Os X Panther Can Someone Please Help

When the things are unstuffed, do u then see a white icon on your desktop that looks like a removable drive bearing the name of the unstuffed program?
If that's the case, doubleclick on that one and u'll see a screen with the icons of the programm, the tutorials, readme's etc.
Those u can select and drag into your folder ' applications'. When u do so a screen says: identity check or something. Fill in there as your name or "root" and the password that belongs to it. And then the programm is in your applicationsfolder. Then you can move all the things lingering on your desktop to the recyclebin.
You could drag then the programmicon from the applicationsfolder onto the desktop or into the dock as a shortcut.

I hope this will help you. If it is a different problem then i don't know right now an appropriate answer.

;-) Sanne

Your message said "I Go To Run Setup.exe..." Any file that has a .exe on it is a PC not a Mac file. It is useless on a Mac. Sounds like you are trying to install PC software on your Mac.


CEDickson, you are correct .exe file extension is pc. mosthighrecords, you will have to get the mac download, if they have one.

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