I was using OS9 and wanted to go to OSX. It said I had to install 9.2 first. I did that. Now I'm running in 9.2 and ALL MY EMAILS ARE GONE! I OPEN my Outlook Express and it's like it's a brand new first time user. Where are my emails? My Palm Pilot software doesn't work either. All that user data seems to be gone, too. Now i don't even care about osX I just want what I had back. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated...before my husband wakes up and sees that he has lost all his emails for his business!


The books and directions told you to backup your data first. Not knowing what you did in your upgrade, I can only guess that you formatted the drive during the installation, and lost it all.

Your data should have survived the transition from 9 to 9.2 unless you did format and make a clean install. If you chose clean install, I believe it does format the drive.

OS 9 and Mac OS X are two very different operating systems. Data is stored in different locations, and programs look in different locations to find it.

You can find Palm Desktop for OS X, and sync the data properly. All the palm data will go into your OS X user profile, and sync as before.

If you didn't backup your data, it is very possible that it is gone.

I am sorry to disappoint you. But you now know about the real importance of backing up your data. If you would like some help on learning how to do this, let us know.