Thank you for your help! It was so silly, I was afraid to turn off the computer just to lose everything, but it all worked out well.

I am new to downloading on the internet and need some basic knowledge about what I can and cannot download. Sometimes things I download say I need to choose an application to run it, when I do it doesn't do anything. Then sometimes it won't respond at all. I understand macs are different, but a lot of these say mac osx compatable. What programs can I get to make things work? What are good free download sites? music, movie shorts, and some old school games, (apple IIe and atari)? I really appreciate the help!


This is a deep involved question, and I will have to come back to it. Check back late tomorrow.



Thank you for your patience. I was out ill, and unable to think.

First, Apple Macintosh is not the same as Apple II. The two computers are vastly different, separated by years of technology and systems revisions. The Apple II was based on a 6502 processor that was 8 bit, and the fastest speeds were around 2.5 MHz in the Apple IIgs. The early Macs were based on Motorola's 68000 chip, and today's Macs are Motorola / IBM PPC technology. DIfferent chips mean different program versions. IN order for anything of an Apple II era to work on a Mac, you will need a software emulator, and I think there are some on the market. Emulation = Translation however, so some programs will not work period.

You can download any file you want off the internet; the Mac will not stop you. The better question revolves around what you can do with that download. You can install Acrobat Reader, and open any .pdf files that you find. You can purchase MS Office, or install Open Office (Warning -- that is a Darwin / X program right now, so will not feature the look and feel of Mac OS X) and open up .doc and .xls and .ppt files.

There are shareware programs out there to play music .mp3 files with, there are shareware or inexpensive graphics programs out there (MacAmp, GIMP) and some freeware applications for Desktop publishing (Ragtime). It would be better to know what you are looking for, instead of me describing what is out there.

Common places to look include, You can also go to Google and search for programs that may be available. Realize that you have to do what you can to remain in license compliance... if the program says it has to be purchased, it is your responsibility to fulfill that obligation.

Common programs that I use are: Open Office, Ragtime, Acrobat Reader, FireFox, Safari, Eudora Pro, Palm Desktop, and VNC.

Let us know what you are looking for if you need further suggestions.


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