i recntly posted on here abou my ATI Radeon 9200, well i updated the omega driver (which i was told to do on here) and my computer went haywire...the screen was waving back and forth and eveything ran encredably slow...well i did a system restore and (after a lot of work trying to get to it) fixed it....but, if anyone could help me out here...OTHER than the horrible advice i got last time, would be greatly appriciated...

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Help us out first. What's your problem?


You're a junior poster J Search, he doesn't want advice from us junior posters...lol.

Hello chase_the_paper! Can you please explain your problem clearly so that we may be able to help you ...

update for my ati radeon 9200...its not that i dont want junior posters help, its just that every junior poster's help that i did get was either invalid or just plain messed up my computer...dont hate...

Here try this site: http://members.driverguide.com/ums/index.php?action=lch&driverid=146117&furl=aHR0cDovL21lbWJlcnMuZHJpdmVyZ3VpZGUuY29tL2RyaXZlci9kZXRhaWwucGhwP2FjdGlvbj1kb3dubG9hZCZkcml2ZXJpZD0xNDYxMTc=

You will need to sign up for a free account, or you may use my exisiting account, just select what you want to do, and click on continue.
If you use my account, then use the following to sign in, as it may be just a generic sign-in routine:

LOGIN: driver2

This site can be rather confusing, but you will have to enter a 3 letter code at the bottom left, and over to the right, select to download to your hard drive.

Then you will be forwarded to another page, where it will say click the link below to start your download, but that just takes you to the ATI webpage, but right below that, you can select to download from this site's archive, for that driver, that is where you want to download from.

Once you get it on your hard drive, right click that file and scan it for viruses with your anti-virus software, just to be safe. NOTE: I have never gotten a virus from this site, (100s of downloads) but it is better to be safe than sorry. I just downloaded this file, so it is a good link.

Post back here, if you have problems, as this site may be time delayed, and you won't be able to access this particular file at the time.

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