Can someone help me. A colleague at work has a G2 and has tried to load some new printer software but a dialogue box has popped up saying that the volume is full. What does this mean? I am unfamiliar with MAC syatems.
Many thanks


When you refer to the C: or the D: in the Windoze world, you are actually looking at a local partition of hard drive space, or a network volume.

Macs see ANY storage space as a volume, meaning the boot partition, or another storage location, a USB store device, or even a Floppy Disk! They are all seen as volumes.

Your friend has too much stuff stored on the drive. Do not just randomly delete files; do an intelligent reduction of the hard drive of old documents that he is no longer using.


To add to what Christian said, make sure you don't have any frivolous programs installed. If it's a G3 system, it might have a pretty small drive, (under 10GB is small, IMHO these days) which can fill up pretty quickly if you have lots of stuff installed. So, consider uninstalling any unneeded programs, too.