i´m really scr3wed about font mangement in osx, i mean, i´ve been a win user, and there was this thing with fonts, when i load photoshop, all of them loaded with it, making it slower and frustrating.
well, i´ve found this font manager in osx, what is it?

i´ve been pressing some buttons but i feel like a monkey with a gun, just waiting to make some disaster in my os.

what do i ahve to do, if i have an especific project, and i only need a coupple of fonts in it? not all 100???

please help me this is frustrating to me!


What version of OS X are youo working with? Are you working with strictly OS X software, or is there some classic in there too?

Typically you enable most fonts onto your system so that they are readily available at any time.

It is also a very bad idea to manipulate fonts while programs are open. Could cause problems doing that. Best close everything down first.


Hi chris, i just bought a mac mini, with panther, i´m using it, and working with the default font manager, but it really annoys me bud....

Stay away from font management...I used it and it screwed up my fonts. Use Suitcase to use fonts temporarily.

I concur with what cashondeb said, I cannot even begin to tell you how many users I see on forums that "break" their OS because they disabled helvetica or something used by the OS as a default font. Just leave Font Book alone unless you know what you're doing. And remember, you're in the Mac world now, it's time to leave all your Windows misgivings behind and completely relearn how you compute. Unless you have 1000 fonts or more, I wouldn't even waste mental energy worrying about how they impact the speed of Photoshop.


You might want to go through your fonts ONCE, and eliminate the ones that you know you will not use... for example, I do not speak / write / know Chinese, so I have removed all of the Asian fonts from my system. You might need them though. Also look around for font similarities... how many stencils do you need?

But be careful.

Times New Roman BOLD does not have the same effect as using Times New Roman, and then using the BOLD style on it. The font designers released Times New Roman BOLD for a reason. They want it to look good! So do not remove the cousins of the fonts... keep them around for the best typography you can get. We refer to this as a font family.... Times New Roman Italic... Times New Roman Bold... Times New Roman Compressed... Keep the family together.