AMD athlon 2400+

512 mb RAM

Nvida geForce 4 Ti 4200 8x 128mb

windows XP SP2

asus A7V8X motherboard

my screen keeps randomly blacking out for 1-3 seconds.

everything on the screen freezes for 1-2 secs followed by blackness for -2-3 secs

it seems to be software related because after a blackout there are sometimes icons that dont look right or parts of a box that hasnt been refreshed.

i have flashed my Bios and reinstalled video driver and neither of these have worked.

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Have you tested the monitor on another computer to make sure it isn't just the monitor?

its not the monitor because the light is still green when it blacks out. and the open applications freeze

1. Does the problem occur when you are booted into Safe Mode?

2. Have you looked through your system logs yet for any pertinent error messages? If not, open the Event Viewer program in your Administrative Tools folder to do so.

3. Give us some history of the problem: when did it start happening, had you changed/added/removed any software/hardware at about that point, etc.?

i havent changed any hardware

and im not entirely sure when it started.

it was only a minor thing at the start but then it became more frequent.

im not sure how to turn on event logging...

ive found the event logging but i dont understand it

Look through the Application and System logs for events that are tagged with a red "exclamation point" or indicate "Warning" and see if the date/time stamp on those coincide with the time that the freezes occur. I f so, tell us what they are.

nothing is logged when it happens

OK then, let's go for this question I asked previously:

Does the problem occur when you are booted into Safe Mode?

If it doesn't occur in Safe Mode, that would be more indicative of a software problem.

i got a 15" LCD mitsubishi 159

and the problem has subsided

its weard

one day its frequent and the next it doenst happen once


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