Hi guys this is my first post and would like to know where can I learn to play poker. I was looking to buy a poker strategy books but was confused as i was not sure which book to refer at.

I would appreciate if you guys can provide me links to free books or free online sites for tutorial, strategy and rules according to your experiences.

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Try a Google search. I am sure something will turn up. Not sure why you would post in the Mac forum, or why you would think a tech forum would know anything about poker?


Hi Crunchie thanks for the reply. I know I can search In google but then they have plenty of sites so confusing. I believe in user experience if users have already played poker or have read tutorial guides and other things I can trust them I was just looking for a free poker sites where I can learn to play poker. I operate on mac platform on my laptop.


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Not that many OS X compatible poker clients, so you are prettymuch stuck with the flash browser-based versions.

The best way to learn is a low-stakes weekly/monthly amateur game with friends. Agreed rules, no outsiders, no sharking.

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