Hello, I am interested in the partitioning you mentioned as I lost all of my pictures! Also, I just wrote to ? as a reply to Sad news for mac.. as I need help! I cannot drag anything on my desktop to anywhere! I have shut down and started, to no avail. I have gone into preferences and looked for a lock, but did not really know what to look for. I have an imac with Os 10.2.8. Please, any help will be appreciated. My desktop looks my desktop at work, and that is not a pretty sight! thank you. angeldoc


I am not certain if you tried to partition the drive, or if you have other things going wrong with the installation. Perhaps we need to step back and see what changed on your computer.

I would also go into Disk utilities and check your permissions. It is very possible that the permissions are corrupt, and that is blocking your attempts at file management.


Ok thank you for writing; however, I have no clue as to what to do with the permissions when I find them. sigh...angeldoc