I installed Mac OS 10 Panter.....and had never used the version of 10 which came with the imac....but decided i needed to start to play with it. I was distracted while i was doing it and assumed when the message came to erase the old and continue, it meant the old OS 10, not my entire system.
My bookeeping , business contacts, family pictures and a lot of my life has just been areased. Does anybody know if there is a way to recover this which doesn't cost thousands of dollars?


Usually when something it is deleted, it is pretty difficult to get it back... though some programs do have the ability to retreive deleted files..

If that so called message says.. format.... tough luck...
but if that message says delete... then there is a chance to get it back..

What I'd do.. is not to touch the hard drive concerned... & mirror it to a seperate hard drive.. that way.. if you mess up you can do the entire procedure again...

Norton Ghost will do the trick in mirroring your hard drive... secondly... you need a program that undeletes..... so you can search for that such and such at www.download.com

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