Not feeling so lucky.

I upgraded to Tiger after buying a camera that needed higher OS-had 9.2. Which worked fine. After install, of Tiger. I couldn't run 9.2 which I needed for some programs. Frustrated, system started crashing. Brought it into shop, told them just get me back to 9.2, pull off 10X.

Three days later dealer says, first it's fried, then when I start asking questions that it's "on its' way out" the "mechanicals' arn't keeping consistent speed" Doesn't sound right to me. He said he took it apart, retreived my data-I said I didn't ask for any of that, have back up. He said will get back to me on costs so far, but its' cooked. HELLLLLLO I'm floored-HELLLLLLLLLLP.


I am wondering about the details -- if the drive was cooked, and unusuable, I am surprised he was able to get data off of it. it is possible for the boot / OS part of the drive to be corrupted, and yet have the data survive, but fried can mean a bunch of things.

If you have the OS 9 disks, you can install and make it yours again by yourself.

You might wish to consider a second drive, and go from there. All depends on how comfortable you are with computers, and if you have the know-how to go in and install the hardware and get it going again.

I don't think Tiger caused your grief. There was something else lurking out there.