Hi...my name is Jenn and I am wondering if someone can help me. I dont know how to describe my problem since I dont know what exactly the problem is so I will just describe some of the things hapening: Back a few months ago I ran Norton Utilities, where it wouldnt complete one of the tests (the directory test) because it said something was wrong with the catalog b tree??? I ignored it, because everything seemed to be running ok. Until yesterday........
There is a folder on my desktop which I just stored songs in, all the sudden, out of no-where it is empty...and I cannot move it, open it, bring it to trash, or even TOUCH it with my mouse or my computer will completely freeze. The problem seems to stem from either that folder OR the desktop because internet, and other stuff are working fine. I tried to run Disk Warrior, it completely froze on directory test, I couldnt even hear the disk working. So I restarted, and tried Norton Utilities again. It wouldnt defragment(although it said my fragmentation was moderate) because it said I needed to run Disk Doctor due to a problem. So, I tried to run disc doctor, and just like a few months back, directories froze, but this time it wouldnt even complete the rest of disk doctor. A box came up and said there was an error on the disk and it could not rebuild. Is everyone now as confused as I am??? I cant figure this out. Is my computer toast??PLEASE>>>any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks! :sad:

Hello Jenn,

It sounds to me that you have some serious hard disk issues. Need to know if you are running OS 9 or OS X.

I suggest that we boot with a startup CD, such as the one your iMac came with, and try running the repairs from the CD-ROM. The Mac has several chances to survive, if it can repair without not having to boot from the hard drive's system folder.

If you are on OS X, and you used a OS 9 Norton, you may have made problems worse.

In the worst case, you need to save all your data off, and possibly re-format and start it over.


This is just a thought....

How Full is your HD? When a hard drive gets full, and it runs out of room for Virtual Memory, cache files, temporary files... you are virtualy hosed. The only answer then, is to erase the drive and reinstall. Copying, Moving, Deleting all need disk space in OSX. If you have less than 1.5 gigs left on the drive in OS X, you are hosed. If you have less than the installed memory in OS 9, you are less hosed, but still have a problem.

OS 9 - delete small, unwanted/unimportant folders and files, one at a time, till you clear up at least 800 mb of space. Then you can backup the files you NEED.
OS X - Hopefully someone out there has another suggestion besides erase (reformat) your drive and reinstall everything.

Good Luck

You say you tried DiskWarrior. Did you run it from within the OS or by booting off of the DiskWarrior CD?