On my desktop in Mac OS X I have two icons( Virtual PC Drive & Windows XP Pro.), which I installed. When I click on them they give me the message " there is no default application specified to open the document - choose appl." How and what application do I set these icons up under? Also, in trying to set them up I tried some applications that didn't open them and now I can't exit from that specific message. How do I release out of that appl. message? Ex: When I click on the Virtual PC drive icon, the " text edit open failed" message comes up and I can't change back out even if I try "forced Quit". MIKE :p

You don't want to try to open the drive files. To open the virtual pc you want to click the icon with just the name of the virtual pc you want to use. In $HOME/Documents I have a folder called "Virtual PC List" ... under that I have two files: Linux (Linux.vpc6) and linux_drive_1 (linux_drive_1.vhdp). I click only on the Linux file to open my Virtual PC. Worse comes to worse ... just open Virtual PC and then open the virtual pc file from the Virtual PC menu.