I am unable to access my administrator account. I am running snow leopard on an imac. Have run disk repair, repair permissions and cleared pram several times. I did have some corrupted stuff in extents and some catalog issues but disk repair fixed. When logging into the admin acct. The tool bar on the desk top appears and then a blue screen appears and then the menu with various accounts reappears. The account desktop never appears. I wonder if there would be a corrupt file in the library that should be taken to trash? Seems like there is a fairly straight forward way of restoring the account desktop but i can't remember the process. Any help will be appreciated.

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Have you tried booting in safe mode by pressing shift as soon as you start up? This is one way to troubleshoot your admin login.

Or, if that doesn't help you figure out what the problem is you can create a new admin account by:

Hold down the apple or command key +s after you hear the chime
When you get the prompt enter, pressing return after each line:
mount -uw /
rm /var/db/.AppleSetupDone
shutdown -h now

This will create a new admin account and you can delete the old one or whatever.

Hope this helps you out

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Tried to reply to this earlier from my iphone but the posting did not go through. Anyway, safe mode does not help from what I can see. I am considering reinstall the OS. I wonder if deleting some corrupted files from library would do the trick but I am not sure what to purge.

Thanks CaptKase. Its has been decades since I used the system prompt to enter commands. Used to work in DOS a lot but skills eroded (disappeared over time). Anyway, your suggestion enabled my new admin account and was able to recover the files and information previously associated with the disfunctional admin acct.

Issue resolved

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