My sister's b/f bought a MacBook Pro for almost 4 grand and he is having trouble connecting to his Time Capsule. It will join the network but not display any web pages. I'm a Windows user, but I'm on that Mac right now and it has joined other networks and worked like a dream. Help?

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Ok, reading this question - it sounds like he may have Time Capsule set up on another computer and is trying to connect to it. If that is the case - did he tell Time Capsule that his laptop was one of the systems he wanted backed up?

Also - did he set up a specific partition for it? When I tried it for backing up a different computer, I found it worked with having a specific hard drive JUST for the Time Capsule backups. I don't know why - but after reading on some Mac forums and trying it - it definitely seemed to work best this way.

The only other thing I can think of is how is his network set up? Do you have a Windows laptop you can take to see how that computer acts when you try and connect to his network? Since the Mac works well with yours - it may be worth looking at his setup to see if there are any possible conflicts.

Just a few thoughts with some of the issues I have run into before - you may have already checked them, if so - what were the results?


I think macgurl70 has great suggestions, but I am wondering if W1ND0W5 was trying to say that his sister b/f has an airport extreme time capsule combination device. If that is the case it sounds like a set up problem. So W1ND0W5 how is the hard drive for capsule connected?


Not at their house right now, but his MacBook pro is the only Mac in the house. Will have to take a look at the setup, but I think the Time Capsule (yes, with Airport combo) is wired by Ethernet to the wireless router (a Belkin Wireless N job)

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