Does anyone know how to create a website besides using google account to create. I have already create a website using my google account but can i publish my website as my google website the link is very long and hardly anyone will view it. Is there any way to make it shorter and publish it on the net

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first, decide what kind of website you want to create. as far as web address, that's where buying domain names and paying for web hosting comes into play.

I wanted to create a website that help to raise awareness about the elderly and the aging population. The website i created also have a donation box to enable viewer to donate to the old folks home organisation. But the website i created can only be view by my group mates is there a way to publish the website so that the whole world can see?

Yeah, you would want to purchase a domain name, then have your website hosted by someone. You would want some tech support on setting up your website as well... that can be incorporated into the monthly fee if you go with that kind of hosting company.

Ok Thanks for the information i will try it is there any other way to create a website and publish it for free

There are many ways to create a website. For free.... well, that really depends on what you mean by free. You could take a crash course and learn html code. There are several apps, that will create web pages without any html. These usually retail anywhere from $30 to $80. Mac comes with an app, Iweb, that allows you to create web pages, but you can only publish it if you have a mobile me account.
You can get your own domain, which should only cost you somewhere between $10 to $18 per year. It depends on the domain name (.com .ca .net .org).
Hosting is usually a company that rents you space on their servers to allow people to see your website. The cost can be as low as $5 to several hundreds, depending on what you want. It sounds like you want a relativity simple site so your cost should be in the $5 to $10 range. Contrary to popular belief, your hosting company does not have to be in your area. It can be several thousands of miles away and in different countries. Isn' t the web wonderful, distance doesn't matter although I would recommend you keep it on the same continent.
You do have the option of hosting the website off of your mac. I would only recommend this to someone very experienced in the mac and the web. it takes a lot of work and knowledge to keep the hacking hounds at bay!

Ok thanks for your information. I will go and try it out. Do i have to write a letter to company to allow me to use their server? Is there any company to recommend. I lived in Singapore

There is so many companies offering server access, the list is huge. Singapore is a very modern city and there are probably dozens you can choose from. Your situation involves a twist on searching for a hosting company. I am not sure if english is you native language and/or you site is in english. Should this be the case, I would recommend that the support staff/help desk be fluent in english. You are close enough to Japan or India, and should be able to find a good deal. There is nothing stopping you from selecting a North American site. Once you narrow down your choices, call up the help desk and see if it works.
A lot of hosting sites offer monthly and/or yearly rates. Considering that this is your first go, I would recommend that you take the monthly rate and if they work for you, then consider the cheaper yearly rate. You will probably notice that a lot of these hosting sites will offer a free domain. Watch this one, because it will trap you to their services for a year. Make sure that it is transferable and that it is registered in your name.
You are going to find out that there is a lot to setting up a website besides the webpages, but if you spend the time at it, grasshopper, you have taken a step closer to your geek badge. Keep in touch and any questions, you know how to thread.

Ok thanks i will give it a go. Good luck to you macmad

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