Is there a way to celar safari history securely so that it can't be recover by anyone. Besides reseting safari and deleting the list of site in Marcomedia. Is there any other way to remove caches, search result and cookies?

Other than the methods you mentioned, Onyx can take care of that.

It will delete caches, temporary items and more.
And it's free.

Good luck.

I try using onyx but it crashes very often. Do you think it has to do with my mac or the application. I have heard of netshred x. Is it good too?

I've never had that problem with Onyx. Not sure why you are experiencing it. That company's program, Deeper, causes problems, so I dumped it.
I'd say update, but I think you're on 10.6.6. That may be an issue with Onyx. I didn't like 10.6.6 for application compatibility reasons so I went back to 10.6.5 and all is well again. I'll wait for 7-Lion and wait for about 6 months for Apple to work out the bugs.

Netshred X looks like what you want. Mireth has been around for a long time. I've never used any of their products, so I can't vouch for them.
Not sure why you want so much security in these areas, but with the government looking to invade anyway they can, it's probably a good idea these days. One wrong word can get them to start looking at you and from there, who knows what can happen? Whether guilty of something or completely innocent conversations and browsing of current events etcetera.
I should probably change my user name on here.

To delete history:
There's a Safari bar menu item called History. The last item in tan menu erases the whole history (when you clear it, the machine gives you the option to cler the Top Sites also).
To clear the cache:
The first item in the Safari menu bar is called simply "Safari" and controls the behaviour of Safari there's an item to cler tha cache (Safari -> Clear Cacheshortcut: Alt+Command+E).
To clear cookies:
Safari menu -> Preferences -> Security tab ->Show cookies button.
That opens the cookies control panel, there is a couple of buttons that clears cookies (Clear & Clear All).

You can use a third party application of course, but you still have the options already integrated in Mac OS X.

To ilaureano

I have already mentioned that when i stated my problem at the top.

To Danarchy

You were right i was using version 10.6.6 but i can't possibly wait for mac osx lion to come out that use onyx. Is there any way to change my mac version from 10.6.6 to 10.6.5 to use onyx

Yes, but you have to install over your existing OS with your original disk(s). Say you have a 10.6.3 or 10.6.0 disk. You install that and there is a page on Apple's site for you to then download 10.6.5. Do all updates except the one that would update you to 10.6.6. In other words, after reinstalling and installing the 10.6.5 combo update, then run Software update from the Apple logo in the upper left corner of Desktop. Make sure you uncheck the 10.6.6 option and update whatever else you want. Then check the update again, unchecking the 10.6.6 update.
Can't recall where the page is on their site. Here it is.

Good luck!

My disk is a 10.6.6 version. When i reinstall, my mac automatically become a 10.6.6 version

Oh. Yes it will.
The current Onyx version, 2.2.4 should work for you. Check your version. Remove all of the one you have and install the current one, again.
Mac Cleanse appears to be a good paid cleaner.
Version: MacCleanse 2.1.2 15 day free trial period Check CNET, etcetera, for others.

"Great clean up program"

by aocsgil on February 6, 2011

Pros: cleans trash, history, unwanted languages, download files etc.

Cons: Be careful what you select to be cleaned....READ Instructions carefully and you should have no problem.

Summary: Very effective in cleaning.....As per advertised.

Thanks i will try. But if you have any more ideas please post in this thread even though it is marked as solved