I just got this mac and i dunno the login or password i don't even have the start up disks or any disks. please help me

You pretty much need Mac OS installation discs if you need to reset the password. In Mac OS X it's actually possible to do it without the discs because of single user mode... but I don't believe this exists within Mac OS 9. Sorry.

so What should I do to get the os installation cds or where do i get them can i download them myself??

Unfortunately, Apple only allows free downloads of Mac OS up to version 8, and you'll be hard-pressed to find a legal copy of OS 9 that can be purchased at a reasonable price (~20 dollars, even though it should be worth about $8).

What kind of a Mac is it? If it's new enough, it might be capable of running Mac OS X, which will be considerably cheaper to purchase and has way more features. As a last resort you can always download Mac OS 8 (if it's an older machine).

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