im nervous of this new experience, but I have heard wonderful things about macs,

2 things that make me scared, I have seen that the mouse only has 1 button, this seems confusing to me as i am a right click typa guy. and no start button?

please let me know the benefits thanks guys

Hi joeblacksmith.

Go for it! I bought a second hand oldskool iBook for testing some of my software on 4 years ago. Even though it was old, I didn't often notice how slow it should have been. I've just upgraded to a MacBook Pro and am loving it. Now I want an iPhone. Apple have a way of making things so beautiful and simple. It may be difficult at first to relearn computing (after Windows) Apple's way but it is generally pretty intuitive and very worth it.

The big benefits for me was the unix base (command line features) with an excelent GUI.

The only things I missed from a windows world are right clicking and being able to make hidden files visible.

Right clicking - you can either buy a mouse with 2 buttons and it will work (I've got Apple's magic mouse and it can work with two buttons) or hold control and left click (which acts as a "right click").

Hidden files - you can use the terminal or there are some settings you can set to show them (a little harder with no Apple GUI to do this).

I reckon go for it, have fun learning!

In short the answer to your question is, YES!

As a 'switcher' myself I can fully recommend getting a Mac.

With regards to mice, as far as I am aware you can basically plug in any mouse you like in to your Mac. The one I currently use is a slimline Kensington mouse with a left mouse button, right mouse button and a scrolly thing that is also a button and ALL THREE WORK!

The left is for normal clicking, the right is for, well right-clicking (brings up menus etc.) and I have set my middle mouse button to use something called Exposé.

With regards to a Start button, you don't need one. You can put 'shortcuts' to your most commonly used programs on the Dock (in Windows you'd call this the taskbar). On the Dock you'll find a folder call Applications and this is really the equivalent to the Start menu as all your programs are (quite literally) in here.

Having been a Windows user since I was at school 20 years ago and have to say getting a MacBook was one of the best things (IT wise) I ever did.

The whole experience of using a Mac is great and I have to admit that I find using my Mac a great deal of Fun!

The quality of the hardware is good but what really makes any Mac stand out from a Windows computer is the OS X Operating System - its so much slicker and faster than Windows! :)

Hehe, never liked the Start button myself.

"How do I shut down?"

"Go to the Start menu..."



Things are a little different on a Mac, but you'll figure it out quick. If you have an Apple store nearby, spend some time with them and they can teach you everything (as can we of course...)


I don't know your location but you may wish to visit your local Apple store and speak to the people there - they will gladly give you a tour of the Mac.

Alternatively look here: for information.

Having 1 button on your mouse isn't actually a big deal, but you can use a 2-button mouse with a Mac if you prefer.

Happy to answer any other questions.

Best wishes