From what I've read root user does not exist on mac os X unless you activate it. But being paranoid I fingered root to see if it exist on my computer. It was used just a few weeks ago. Should I be paranoid? Or am I miss understanding something? Also I tried to deactivate it using the instruction on my computer and did not see root user. Furthering my confusion.

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To use root user you must first have an administrator account. The root user does not show in the account preferences ( found in system preference ) . Admin can be a root user. Root user password is very hard to crack which contains mumbers and letter. Root user can modify and delete and files, they can access other user files. Root users is already default on your mac osx platform. To activiate root user go to account preference. click on the lock and type the password and username. Click login options, click the edit button and select directory utility. Type in the admin details.Go edit and select root user, Choose a password you want for your root user and select done/ok.

Hope it helps

But if I've not login as root why does it say...
Login: root Name: System Administrator
Directory: /var/root Shell: /bin/sh
Last login Fri Mar 11 12:58 (PST) on console

I know what root does. I just finding this a little odd.

When you reformat or buy a new mac. You have to first install snow leopard or other version on your mac, after that you have to go through setup assistant to create an account. Once you are done you are automatically a root user and a administrator,

Hope you can update on this post, and what version of mac are you using. Different version have different ways for root user

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