Hi i'm using Mac Os X 10.3.9 G4. It freezes on start-up and doesn't go beyond the blue screen. I started up and run fsck and realised i have a mal-formed library. I lost the install disk and don't have an Apple shop in my country. Is there any other way i can fix this problem?? Please....

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Well since you can't login to your homepage as you say it can't go beyond the bluescreen there is not much help i can offer. Do you have another computer, if yes. Good, use the other computer and go to the apple website. Here it is


After that go to the mac categories and purchase an installation disk for only $29. The disk cost very cheap and is the latest version of the mac osx platform.Go and reinstall the disk, you should kno if not i can coach you on that. The disk you can order from the nearest apple country. It will delivered depends on how far the location is. Well do you backup your data, you should because after reinstallation you would lost all data. If you need more help post first before you reinstall/ Thanks and good luck

Latest version is Snow Leopard and more than likely won't run on a G4 machine.
You can buy an appropriate version from ebay.

Or you can wait for Lion to come out. It will cost more and unless you have the patience. YOu can just buy a macbook pro that have snow leopard version and when Lion version come out, you can buy the disk and install lion yourself. Cost around $48 cheaper than the lion macbook

My question is, what caused this damage? Perhaps your system is misbehaving? Since you lost the install disc, until you get a new one, you are pretty much SOL (Sorry/Sh!t, Out of Luck). If there is a computer store that handles Apples anywhere you can reach, they may be able to help you. Other computer stores / repair depots may also have an install or recovery disc.

You can always get the installation disk from any apple store near your house. But you already stated you have none, this is pretty scru up. Which country does not have an Apple store. The other way is to go to apple website and order a disc from them. They will send you the disk, you need the disk to reformet your macbook

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