Hi Friends

we are planing to move for Mac OS, But i am new to Mac OS.please Help me is it possible to use the below things in Mac OS

1. PHP syntax same or differ
2. Javascript is Supportable or Not
3. Support for Web Services

Pls Help Me

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Mac OS X is Unix-based, so it follows strictly all the industry standards, so the syntax and operation of any cross-plataform language remains the same as in an Unix workstation (or a Linux box) or windows.

Maybe you still have the idea of the idiosincracies Java-developing in Mac OS pre-X had, but not anymore. Personally I have tried some C-code developed for Unix (SUN) and tested some shell scripts in Mac OS X, they executed without problems.

As far as I know, PHP and Javascript are scripting languages and they need a web browser to run. The default browser for Mac is called Safari and it follows very well the W3C standars, anyway, you can use Firefox, Chrome, Opera and a miriad other browsers (except IE, MS itself said Safari is better adapted to Mac).
I'm not very web knowledgeable, but as Mac OS X is pretty much standarized, don't think it has any web services lacks. Hey, you can even install and use Apache and Tomcat!

Thanks for your post

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