Hello everyone:

Until recently, I used ssh with a terminal and kwrite to work with files on a Linux machine from my Mac laptop. I just started ssh into another Mac and find that I can no longer use kwrite. There is a kwrite for Mac available, but the installation process is beyond me.

So I have been using emacs, and I hate it! Navigating through file is very cumbersome and many of the keyboard commands don't work. I can't even paste. There is a Mac/graphical version of emacs available called Aquamacs, but it apparently doesn't work with ssh. I could probably figure out how to do basic things (like paste!) if I spent long enough reconfiguring things, but I would prefer not to.

My question is, is there a text editor available for Mac that works like kwrite--where I can use a mouse to navigate through files and the keyboard shortcuts are intuitive for Mac users? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Yup, i also use Textwrangler from the App store and it works wonder. Glad the link is able to help you. Do recommend this site to your friends, please. Thanks

try Ultraedit

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