This may sound as a simple question but I'm blowed if I can solve it.
I am running on Snow Leopard 10.6.7. I receive a monthly news letter that I want to duplex print (print both sides) but I'm unable to find the right buttons to push. I'm using the print program that comes with the computer.
The printer is a Canon MP620 which is duplex capable. I use the same printer with a Windows Vista laptop, as the whole system is wireless, I print duplex with that, no problem at all,.
Just not pressing the right buttons on the Mac. Can any one help me on this please.

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try system preferences>printer&Fax>options&suppliers>utility you should find the settings for duplex printing in this hope this helps

That was a quick reply, thank you very much for that. Got the answer in a round about way with your help. Take care. dogsbody.

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